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Who are we?

Precious future Empowerment initiative is a nonprofit disability inclusion organization in Kenya.

The main objective:

‘To improve the welfare of people with disabilities through access to quality inclusive education, quality inclusive health care, promote human rights and relief of poverty.

To achieve the objectives, PFEI works with relevant Education institutions, health facilities, community based centres, Like-minded organisations and the general society

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Specific objectives

Improve the Livelihood

To improve the livelihood of persons living with disability through skills training and offering start up kits/capital.

Improve Health Outcomes

Leverage mobile health innovations and technologies to improve health outcomes for persons living with disability

Forge Partnerships

Forge partnerships with the Government departments and other likeminded organizations

Access to Affordable and Inclusive Education

To promote access to affordable and inclusive education to the underprivileged persons living
with disability

Provide basic necessities to the poor

To provide basic necessities to the poor in the community through provision of food, shelter
and clothing.

Promote human rights and good governance through advocacy

To promote human rights and good governance through advocacy on matters pertaining to the welfare of persons living with disability

Our Programs

Inclusive Vocational Skills Training

Caregivers Training and Services

Holistic Child Development


Quality Inclusive Education

Quality Inclusive Health Care

Social –Economic Empowerment

Professional Consultancy Services

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Precious Future Empowerment Initiative (PFEI) was founded to address the operational challenges faced by Precious Future Vocational Training Centre (PFVTC), a disability inclusion focused training centre located in Nakuru, Kenya.
Main Objective
To improve the welfare of persons with disability, through access to quality education and healthcare promote human rights and relief of poverty.

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